Indoor Air Quality

Maintaining the quality of indoor air is extremely important in maintaining good health and keeping allergies at bay. The most common contaminants of indoor air are viruses, bacteria, allergens and a number of other contaminants. We don’t really realise it, but most of us do end up spending a significant amount of time indoors and this makes it even more important to ensure that the quality of the air we breathe is good.


Our immune systems are able to deal with certain levels of contaminants, but overexposure to them can render the system useless too and we start suffering from allergies and adverse health effects. The problem gets aggravated in the colder months, when people tend to stay indoors for a longer period of time. Apart from this, the air also tends to be quite harsh in these months and it is important for you to get the air and ventilation systems checked by an expert HVAC contractor.


Common Indoor Pollutants


  • Second Hand Smoke- This is a very serious pollutant that tends to worsen the symptoms of those suffering from asthma. In addition, it increases the risk of ear-infection in small children and can also up the risk of Sudden Infant Death.
  • Radon: This is a very dangerous gas pollutant that is one of the leading causes of lung cancer. This  enters homes via cracks and & improperly-sealed openings
  • Various Combustion Pollutants- These include carbon monoxide & nitrogen dioxide. All of these come when materials are burned or when there are improperly-vented fuel burning appliances including wood stoves, space heaters, gas stoves, dryers and water heaters as well as fireplaces


Comprehensive Solutions


PJM Air Conditioning services provide all-round indoor air quality solutions that maintain the quality of the air you breathe. We carry out a thorough servicing which includes independent testing & assessment of indoor air-quality & the effectiveness & safety of all the internal air (HVAC) systems. We analyse the results carefully and identify all the internal air quality problems and then recommend a customised plan of action for improving the internal air quality via servicing, cleaning and maintaining the HVAC systems. This goes a long way in:


  • Reducing the incidence of illness
  • Increases efficiency & comfort
  • Helps comply with existing standards
  • Reduces energy use & carbon footprint


PJM Air Conditioning has years of experience in this space and serve residential and commercial customers. We have in-depth knowledge of all types of air-conditioning systems and can provide you with appropriate recommendations & effective solutions.